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Vertical Farming Innovations: Module X Webinar

. Vertical Farming innovators Urban Crop Solutions will be hosting a pre-launch Webinar featuring keynote speaking from Agritechture CEO Henry Gordon-Smith, and UCS CEO Tom Debusschere. .  Bridge Vertical Farming are bringing Urban Crop Solutions latest innovation to the UK market.  . The ‘Module X Plant Factory’ is the latest addition to UCS’ Vertical Farming product…
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7th September 2020 0

Vertical Farming: The answer to global food security?

In the fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent food shortages, the UK needs to produce locally in order to improve food security.

29th June 2020 0

Unsure what to grow in Your Vertical Farm? The UCS Crop Guide has you covered

Thinking of moving into the realm of vertical farming? It can be a daunting task. The UCS Crop Guide shows you what to grow, and the most profitible option.

12th June 2020 0

The 5 Top Advantages of Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming is thought to be the answer to solving global food shortages, but why? Here are the top 5 advantages of Vertical Farming.

18th March 2020 0

Modular Vertical Farming System

Bridge Vertical Farming is expanding their Indoor AG product offering with the latest modular vertical farming system designed by our Belgium based partners Urban Crop Solutions. The example container facility (pictured) consists of 7 Farm Pro containers that act as a main growing area and 1 Farm Flex which is used for propagation purposes. However…
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24th February 2020 0

Vertical Farming: What SHOULD You Grow?

Vertical Farming could be the answer to the quest of feeding the rapidly growing population, but we need to grow our crops correctly and efficiently.

7th February 2020 0
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