Module X Plant Factory

Module X-8: A typical system with 8 Grow Modules

With Operations Module, Cold Storage Module and Office Module - output approx. 819 kg/week (1806 lbs/week) for 686m2 (7384 sq.ft) of growing surface

Bench Carousel (Patent Pending)

Innovative automated Bench handling system reduces labor costs, maximizes the growing surface with a 40ft container and increases yield through a high plant density and optimal exposure to LED light.

Every bench comes to you within 90 seconds, for planting, crop control, and harvesting. Each Grow Module holds 2 BenchCarousels, for a total of 4 growing layers.

The innovative design eliminates the need for a central corridor. Per Grow Module, this results in an industry record 86m2 growing surface (926 sq.ft) per Grow Module.

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