How does our technology work?

Hydroponics and own growth recipes for 180+ crops
To deliver healthy crops, our closed-loop irrigation system:
✔ Minimizes the use of fresh water
✔ Increases plant nutrient uptake and can work with up to 70 organic nutrients and minerals
✔ Provides optimal root growth, aeration and nutrient delivery
✔ Allows to grow microgreens and super-large crops

Climate controlled environment

In/outflow of air is controlled to limit unwanted elements while optimizing climate conditions.
✔ Closed production plants have minimal external elements influencing the indoor climate
✔ Monitoring the in- and outflow of air allows for the best possible crops
✔ Flavour can be tailored to market demand by influencing climate, light and nutrients

Custom-made LED technology

Our own LED lights provide the optimal spectrum for your plants, using limited energy.
✔ The photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) range, enables photosynthesis in the 400-700nm range
✔ Using energy-efficient LEDs, our crops receive just the right light spectrum to grow efficiently

Robotized and controlled process

Our top-notch industrial standards allow full control over monitoring and automation.
✔ Minimize human intervention to achieve higher levels of process control within a highly regulated industry
✔ Optimize production according to market demand
✔ Monitor the growth cycle from anywhere in the world

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